Fix Colorado Roads Comments on Senate Passage of SB1

The following is a statement from Sandra Hagen Solin, spokesperson for Fix Colorado Roads, regarding the Senate passage of Senate Bill 1, the Fix Colorado Roads Act:

“Funding Colorado's interstates and our regionally significant transportation projects took a huge step forward with today's unanimous Senate vote. All agreed, the challenges along our interstates and state roadways finally need to be meaningfully addressed and funded.

“The time is now to pass this important funding measure, and we can no longer afford to delay support of our growing backlog of transportation infrastructure needs. A solution beginning in 2018 is a critical step to put us back on the right path of growth and economic prosperity for the next decade.

“We’re eager for members of the House to begin their discussion of the bill to provide meaningful funding to Colorado’s transportation crisis for years to come.”

–Sandra Hagen Solin, Fix Colorado Roads