Fix Colorado Roads Comments on Updated Budget from Governor

The following is a statement from Sandra Hagen Solin, spokesperson for Fix Colorado Roads, regarding the updated budget submission from Gov. John Hickenlooper on Jan. 2, 2018:

“In response to strong budget updates and increasing fiscal strength for the State of Colorado, outlined in last month’s updated state revenue forecast, Governor Hickenlooper has submitted his plans for a revised budget. Transportation funding, which has been lacking from state funding priorities for far too long, is being proposed as part of the governor’s new budget plans – and for that, we applaud him. However, the $148.2 million in transportation funding outlined by the governor’s new plan only scratches the surface of the needs of our state’s transportation crisis.

“The idea that this additional money is a one-time only expense is highly misleading. Transportation funding needs to remain a consistent and ongoing piece of the state budget priorities and the new funds gained from the TCJLA should provide a net gain for the state for years to come.

“We are encouraged to see the governor beginning to take steps towards addressing the transportation funding crisis that impacts all parts of Colorado. It’s imperative that the governor and the legislature commit to immediate and lasting solutions to our transportation funding problems. The time is now.”

–Sandra Hagen Solin, Fix Colorado Roads