Fix Colorado Roads Coalition Letter to Legislators

January 11, 2018

Dear Mr. President, Madame Speaker, and members of the General Assembly:

For the last three years, funding and financing of state transportation infrastructure has been stalled in legislative debate primarily around the issue of the sources of revenue.  

Now there is an opportunity for common ground. 

With Colorado’s economic prosperity and an unexpected windfall from recently passed federal tax reform, there is nearly one billion dollars of new un-programmed revenues. 

As business leaders from throughout Colorado, we implore you to seize this opportunity and use a significant portion – no less than $300M – of these new funds as a major foundation to solve our growing transportation crisis.  An ongoing, multi-year commitment of General Fund dollars is essential to create the modern-day infrastructure needed to keep our economy thriving. 

The Governor’s call for $148.2M of the new revenues for transportation is an important and greatly appreciated start, but with over ten billion dollars in transportation needs, let’s build upon it. 

Why is this important?  

Growth and economic prosperity are a double edge sword.  We laud the significant economic gains and the recognition for being one of the strongest state economies in the country.  But, frustration with growth is increasing in large part because our transportation infrastructure isn’t keeping pace.

And then there are counties and towns in Colorado that are struggling economically. While they may not have the growth pressures of some urban areas, they have important transportation projects that need attention.

Coloradans know state revenues are increasing, and they expect state leaders to invest some of those dollars in transportation infrastructure.

Additionally, it may be to our advantage to make a more substantial investment in transportation as the federal government considers an infrastructure bill that favors states and communities that are able to commit their own resources. Currently, Colorado’s low level of transportation funding puts it at a disadvantage. 

We are eager to work with you to find the common ground that has thus far eluded us.  We are asking you to make an investment in Colorado’s future by committing a significant share of the new revenue to transportation.



Dirk Draper, CEO and President

Colorado Springs Chamber and EDC


Carl Maxey, Chairman

Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance


Mike Kopp, President and CEO

Colorado Concern


Greg Fulton, President

Colorado Motor Carriers Association


Chris Romer, President and CEO

Vail Valley Partnership


David May, President and CEO

Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce


Robert Golden, President and CEO

South Metro Chamber of Commerce


Mindy McCloughan, President and CEO

Loveland Chamber of Commerce

Sarah MacQuiddy, President

Greeley Chamber of Commerce


Rich Werner, President and CEO

Upstate Colorado Economic Development


Andy Montgomery, CEO

Northern Colorado Economic Alliance


Jack Llewellyn, Executive Director

Durango Chamber of Commerce


Kara Stoller, CEO

Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association


Angie Anderson, President & CEO
Glenwood Chamber Resort Association


Shelly McManus, Executive Director

Kremmling Area Chamber of Commerce


Melanie Swearengin, Executive Director

Conifer Area Chamber of Commerce


Debbie Miller, President

Greater Woodland Park Chamber of Commerce


Barry Gore, President and CEO

Adams County Economic Development

Gregg Moss, President and CEO

Metro North Chamber of Commerce


Dave Davia, Executive Vice President and CEO

Colorado Association of Mechanical and Plumbing Contractors


Jeff Wasden, President

Colorado Business Roundtable


Deanne Mulvihill, Executive Director

Berthoud Area Chamber of Commerce